Charge for Stripe supports NFC (only on Android devices*) and we believe this is the most convenient way to capture card details for processing charges. Tapping the customer’s card to the back of your device will make the card number and expiry appear in the app so you simply enter the CCV number and the amount (and e-mail address if you want to send a receipt) and click “Charge Card” and it’s done. Read more here.

If your device or the customer’s card doesn’t support NFC, you can simply enter the card details manually or click the camera icon to take a photo of the card to capture the details that way. With all of these methods, none of the card information is ever stored on your device.

As for card readers, we don’t currently support them as we feel they are clunky, can get broken, lost and are unnecessary. Having said that, with the release of Stripe Terminal devices (currently only available in the US and limited beta in Australia and New Zealand), we are currently working on adding support for these devices and have just released an update to our Android app to include support for this device - you can learn more on the following links:
- Stripe Terminal FAQs and Card Reader Support
- How to process payments using Stripe Terminal Card Readers.

Other than these Stripe Terminal devices, we don't plan on adding support for any other card readers at this point in time.

*NFC functionality is currently only available on supported Android devices. iOS devices (e.g. iPhone/iPad) are not supported because Apple don't allow this functionality - if this changes in the future we will certainly look to include this in a future update.
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