Charge for Stripe apps (currently only the Android version) support Stripe Terminal devices for processing credit card payments using the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT. Here's how to process a payment using this card reader:

Go to the "Settings" section and turn on the option to "Use card reader"
Turn your card reader on and wait for ~30 seconds for it to initialise.
Tap '+' and select to process a Standard or Pre-authorized payment.
Enter the amount and description, and optionally include a name and email address, but leave the card number fields empty.
Tap the 'Charge on device' button. (If your card reader is not connected, turn it off and then on again and the 'Charge card' button should change to 'Charge on device')
Swipe, insert or tap your customer's card on the card reader and then remove it.
The payment will be processed and you will be taken to the payment confirmation screen.

If you're encountering issues with your card reader not connecting, please check out the following page which contains troubleshooting tips: Stripe Terminal FAQs and Card Reader Support .

Read more about Stripe Terminal at
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