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Using Tap to Pay on Android

Tap to Pay on Android lets users accept payments directly using contactless technology on compatible Android phones and tablets.

Tap to Pay on Android, including support for Google Pay and Apple Pay, was released in December 2023 and makes it much quicker (and easier) to process payments. To activate this:
Go to the 'Settings' screen and enable 'Tap to Pay'.
Once enabled, when processing a payment, simply enter the amount and description and tap the button to be presented with the screen displayed below, then tapping a supported card (or device. e.g. phone/watch with Google Pay or Apple Pay) will process the payment. Simple.

As of December 12th, 2023, Tap to Pay on Android is available in:
Austria (Beta)
Australia (Beta)
Belgium (Beta)
Canada (Beta)
Czech Republic (Beta)
Denmark (Beta)
Finland (Beta)
France (Beta)
Germany (Beta)
Ireland (Beta)
Italy (Beta)
Luxembourg (Beta)
Malaysia (Beta)
New Zealand (Beta)
Norway (Beta)
Portugal (Beta)
Spain (Beta)
Sweden (Beta)
Switzerland (Beta)
The Netherlands (Beta)
United Kingdom
United States


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Updated on: 08/02/2024

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