You sure can! Go into the “Settings” screen and turn on “Test Mode” – after doing so, you will see a noticeable “TEST MODE” indicator displayed at the top of all screens. This will allow you to process some test charges so you can check everything is working as it should.

To complete transactions while in test mode, simply use the credit card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with an expiry any time in the future (e.g. 09/24) and any 3 digits for the CVV and you will be able to complete a test transaction. If you then login to your Dashboard and select ‘View test data’ you should be able to see the test transaction(s) you’ve just processed. Be aware that e-mail receipts will not be sent while in “Test Mode”.

Don’t forget to turn off “Test Mode” before you want to process transactions for real.

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