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What is terminal mode?

Terminal mode was developed as a result of user input and works to allow account holders to limit access to users. Here’s how to use Terminal Mode:

To turn on Terminal mode
Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Terminal Mode’
Enter a code which will allow you to exit terminal mode.

The device will now be in terminal mode which only allows access to the payment screen. This is perfect for times when you want to allow staff to process payments but not access Dashboard data or process refunds.

To turn off Terminal mode
Tap the padlock icon in the header
Enter to the pin code set (as mentioned above) to return to normal access mode with full functionality.

Note: To utilise Terminal Mode, the user must login with a Stripe account that has Administrator privileges, which is a requirement from Stripe and outside our control. Learn more.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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