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Do your apps support SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)?

Yes, both the Android and iOS versions of Charge for Stripe support the SCA requirements that take effect from September 14th, 2019. You can read more about this below or here.

You can also verify this by checking out our listing on the Stripe Partners page which includes the 'SCA-Ready' badge at
(FYI, we were the first mobile payment app listed to be SCA-certified)

To find out which other mobile payment apps are SCA-Ready, please have a look at the official list on the Stripe website at As of September 8th, Charge for Stripe is still the only one that is SCA-Ready

About SCA
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. Once SCA goes into effect on September 14, 2019, online payments will require additional customer authentication. Transactions that don’t adhere to the new guidelines may be declined by your customers’ banks. This regulation applies to transactions where both the business and the cardholder’s bank are located in the European Economic Area (EEA).

How SCA may impact your business
SCA will change the checkout flow for card payments. Payments requiring authentication will trigger 3D Secure (often known by its brand names, “Verified by Visa” or “Mastercard SecureCode”), which typically adds an extra step in which the cardholder must provide additional information, such as a one-time passcode or biometric ID.

More info about SCA

Updated on: 12/09/2019

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