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Stripe Terminal FAQs and card reader support

Firstly, please be aware that we only support Stripe Terminal devices, being the BBPOS 2X BT, the Verifone P400 and the Stripe Reader M2. If you are using a different card reader, unfortunately it may or may not work with our apps and we're unable to provide any support for them at this time.

If you are using a supported device and encountering issues, please try the following troubleshooting tips

The card reader isn't showing up in the Bluetooth menu so I can't connect to it.
These devices don't connect via the Bluetooth menu like headphones or other accessories might connect. The connection occurs when you launch the Charge for Stripe app, so please ensure the card reader is turned on before you launch the app.

The button on the payment screen says "Charge Card" rather than "Charge on device"
This means the card reader is not connected. Please exit the app, turn your card reader off, turn your card reader on, wait 10-15 seconds to allow the device to turn on and be ready to paid, and then launch the app again.

The 'Use card reader' switch won't turn on
A recent requirement from Stripe is that card readers MUST be associated with a physical location, so please follow these steps to do that:
Go to (will require you to login to your Stripe account)
Click '+ New' and create a new location
Open the Charge app, go to 'Settings' and tap 'Use card reader' and you should be prompted to select the location that you setup in step 1 and once selected you should be able to process payments using the card reader.

What is Stripe Terminal?
Stripe Terminal lets businesses collect in-person payments. With one payment solution across channels, you can unify your online and offline payments, and simplify your reporting and reconciliation to save time and to improve business insights.

What payment methods are supported?
Stripe Terminal supports chip, swipe, and contactless payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What countries and currencies are supported?
To find the latest country and currency availability for Stripe Terminal, see Stripe Terminal currency Support.

How do I see my in-person payments?
Terminal transactions are displayed in the Stripe Dashboard. Click on the payment to see more details.
You can also filter for Terminal transactions in your Stripe Dashboard. To learn how, see Terminal transactions displayed in Dashboard.

What card readers are available?
Charge for Stripe‘s integration with Stripe Terminal supports the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT mobile reader and the Verifone P400 countertop reader. To learn more about these card readers, see Stripe Terminal readers.

Are the card readers secure and compliant?
In-person payments must follow strict rules to meet PCI compliance, PCI certifications, and EMV certifications. Stripe Terminal offers pre-certified, PCI-compliant readers. This ensures that your transactions are secured by Stripe’s end-to-end encryption, and that your readers are always up to date via Stripe’s remote management tools.

What is Stripe Terminal pricing?
See Stripe Terminal pricing, however please be aware that Charge for Stripe fees still apply in addition to the Stripe fees, but at 1% per payment (or similar converted equivalent), we hope you'll agree it's very reasonable for what our apps offer!

How do I order a card reader?
- Go to your Stripe Dashboard and select Terminal from the left-hand menu
- In the “Hardware orders” section, click Shop
- Select the name of the reader that you’d like to purchase
- Click Add to cart
- Navigate to your cart, check out, and pay

I’m having trouble accepting payments with Terminal. How do I troubleshoot?
If you’re having trouble accepting payments with the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT mobile reader, make sure that:
- Bluetooth is turned on and the card reader is on or near your phone. You cannot connect the mobile reader to your phone with a cord, only via Bluetooth
- The reader is charged. If you need to charge it, attach the USB cord to an adapter and plug it into a wall outlet

If you’re having trouble accepting payments with the Verifone P400 countertop reader, follow these instructions:
- The screen is unresponsive.
- The reader is not connected.
You can find more information in Stripe’s documentation.

How long does the battery last on the mobile card reader?
- For the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT mobile reader: A single charge of the lithium polymer rechargeable battery supports 800 dips, 5000 swipes, or 1000 taps
- For the Verifone P400 countertop reader: This reader remains connected to a power source while in use.

How do I charge the mobile card reader?
Charge the mobile card reader by attaching the included USB cord to an adapter and plugging it into a wall outlet.

How do I upgrade the firmware on the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader?
Please refer to the following support article -> How do I upgrade my BBPOS Chipper 2X BT firmware?

If you encounter any other issues not mentioned above, please don't hesitate to reach out via live chat (bottom right corner of this page or within the Support section of the app) and we'll be happy to assist you with overcoming whatever issues you may be encountering.

Updated on: 14/03/2022

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