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How do I use NFC to capture card details?

On supported devices (Android-only, because Apple don't allow this functionality), NFC can be utilised to capture card details quickly and easily. Here's how to use it:
Launch Charge for Stripe, tap '+' and select the payment type you wish to process.

While on the 'New Payment' screen, take the customer's credit card and tap it to the back of your phone. It may take a few taps to work out where the NFC reader is on your device, but it's usually in the top 1/3, but also be aware that it's often not the actual 'chip' part of the card that contains the NFC component in the card, it's the little symbol like this ->

If tapped successfully, you should hear a brief sound and the card and expiry details should be populated into the payment form. Then you just need to enter the CVC number and complete the other fields (amount, description etc) and tap the button to process the payment.

As of December 2023, Tap to Pay is now available which makes processing payments even easier (and quicker), plus Google Pay and Apple Pay are also supported. Learn more here.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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