As of August 2019, the following types of payments are available within Charge for Stripe:

Standard payments: Processed immediately using the customer’s credit card details. Perfect for shops, market stalls, contractors and anyone wanting to accept credit card payments on their phone. Learn more.

Pre-authorized payments: These allow users to process a pre-authorized payment which can then be cancelled or processed at a late time, perfect for car hire or accommodation providers. Learn more.

Request payments: Send a user a payment request via SMS or email, they click on the link and enter their credit card details to complete the payment. Simple. Learn more.

Subscription payments are not currently supported, but we are working with Stripe to try and include this in a future update. Stripe’s existing system only allows a % fee to be applied to subscription payments, which others are fine with, but we prefer a small fixed fee (e.g. $0.20USD) as we feel this is fairer for users than charging a % fee. Whether you’re processing a $150 payment or a $25,000, wouldn’t you rather we only charge $0.20USD rather than a % fee on top of the standard Stripe fees?

If you would like to see other types of payments supported, please let us know.
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