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How do I use the camera to capture card details?

Launch Charge for Stripe, tap '+' and select the payment type you wish to process.

While on the 'New Payment' screen, tap the camera icon to the right of the 'Card Number' field and the camera viewfinder will open.

Hold the customer's credit card away from the phone and slowly bring it closer so it fills the space displayed on the screen. As it is aligned properly, edges will be highlighted around the card and once all 4 edges are aligned, the details will be captured and you will be returned to the 'New Payment' screen where the card number and expiry date will be displayed. Then you just need to enter the CVC number and complete the other fields (amount, description etc) and tap the button to process the payment.

Capturing card details using the camera currently only works with cards where the numbers are raised and on the front of the card. If you are trying to capture card details where the numbers are printed on, or where they are displayed on the back of the card, this method will be unlikely to work and we suggest using other methods such as NFC or entering the card details manually.

Updated on: 13/12/2019

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