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Can I use Charge for Stripe in different countries?

Absolutely! If you are travelling overseas and would like to accept payments while you’re over there, Charge for Stripe has you covered. Users can Switch between currencies by visiting the ‘Settings’ section within the app and selecting the desired currency from the dropdown.

While the payments are processed in the currency you select, Stripe will convert the amount into the currency associated with your Stripe account and payout the funds into your bank account as per usual. The fees that apply to these payments will be the standard fees associated with the country of your Stripe account, not the currency you have selected. e.g. If your Stripe account is in the UK and you process some payments in USD, the fees that apply to those payments will be the same fees that apply if you were processing a payment in GBP.

This means there is no need to setup Stripe accounts in each of the countries you visit. Read more about this on the Stripe website here.

Updated on: 03/10/2019

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